How Reputation Management Is Going to Change Your Business Strategies in 2016


As we move into 2016, the way that businesses need to evaluate themselves, their input, their output and their image, is changing. More than ever, the business’s online reputation is becoming one of the most important parts of your brand. Beyond using online reputation management software such as RenegadeWorks, if you are a business owner, a public relations specialist, or a sole proprietor trying to regroup your strategies for the New Year, then this post is for you.

For those of us who have suffered a negative review online, or the negative comments on the first page of google, you understand how poor online reputation can destroy the credibility of your brand.

So how can you ensure your brand is protected?

Hire an online reputation manager

One of the best ways to improve your online reputation is by hiring an online reputation manager. Online reputation managers are specialists at finding negative reviews and information, and hiding them in the online world, by moving them from the top search results. If you want complete control over what is seen about you online, then this is your best bet. Enlisting or hiring an online reputation manager can boost your businesses reputation significantly, and by proxy, your sales.

Even if your online reputation is alright, it could always be better. Minimal amounts of information about your business on the internet can be just as damaging, as it sets your brand up to seem illegitimate, or untrustworthy.

Ensure that your personal LinkedIn profile is up to date

As the owner of your business, it is important to keep your personal brand up to date, and in sync with the values of your business and your businesses brand. By ensuring that you present yourself in a professional way, it will carry over effectively to your brand.

Make sure that your business’s twitter handle is highly professional at all times.

Many names on twitter are taken, but it is important to choose something that stands out as being professional and on point, rather than something comical or casual. It may take a bit of work, but it will be well worth it.


Control as much as you can

You control your output, your public relations, your press releases and your social media outputs. Make sure that they count, by painting your brand in a positive and professional light that aligns with your business at all times. Your own personal accounts should always align with the image you want your business to portray. Avoid any drunken shots or selfies on your profiles.

Always be conscious of your online presence and impact, and do what you can to minimise negative publicity by handling complaints swiftly and effectively. By keeping online reputation management at the foreground of your business strategy, your business will flourish in the upcoming year. Due to the increased pull economy, it is important that you can be found on the internet, both as the owner of your business, as well as your business itself.

This process is not always about removing the negative slanders, but also about highlighting the strengths of your business.

Why you should But Twitter Followers

Twitter FollowersIf you own a Twitter account and if you use it to complete your marketing efforts, then there is no doubt that you have heard about the possibility of buying followers for your profile. If you have taken this step, then you are surely familiar of the different benefits that this simple technique can afford any marketer. If you have not taken this leap, then you are surely looking for reasons why you should buy Twitter followers. Here are key points that you should know about the process, along with the various perks that you can enjoy when you buy Twitter followers.

First and foremost, you should buy Twitter followers because this platform is very influential and widely used. If you are an online marketer, then you are familiar with the need to target your potential market using a platform that interests and excite them. Buying followers for your profile will make it much easier for you to connect with potential buyers and clients, using a social media facet that they are continuously exposed to. A good number of followers will also boots your credibility, showing your potential market that you are someone that they can trust and would actually want to follow.

If you already have an existing Twitter account, then you are surely familiar with how hard it can be to get genuine interaction from people who you do not personally know. Buying followers will solve this problem. When you buy Twitter followers, you can choose a package that will get your account followed by real and genuine users. You will also be able to expect retweets, responses, and likes from these followers. This high level of interaction will do wonders for the relevance of your Twitter profile and will help you boost the popularity of your account.

If you have a website, then having a fully functional Twitter profile will also help you drive people to your landing page. Gone are the days when you would have to focus the whole bulk of your marketing efforts into getting people to your site. Now, you should buy Twitter followers and get them to visit your Twitter profile first. Everything will stem from there. You will not only be able to get more people to visit your site, you will also be able to effectively communicate with other Twitter users.

Buying Twitter followers will also reflect positively on your image. When you buy Twitter followers, your follower count will increase and it will be easier for you to generate organic follows from actual potential consumers. Seeing that you have a solid number of followers and fans will usually be enough to give people the push to follow you as well. What will result from this simple step is load of real people following your profile, reading your tweets, and interacting with your account. The simple act of buying Twitter followers will do wonders for your Klout score, your online presence, your professional relevance online, and for your Twitter profile!

Why Should You Buy Instagram Likes?

English: Picture of YouTube Sensation Daveyboyz.For starters, instagram has a popular page that is reserved for all the trendy photos. These photos get to be top probably due to the number of likes each of these photos get. The rule isn’t much elaborated by the service provider, but buying likes on Instagram seem to be working magic. How does buying likes on instagram help an organization? The concept with all social media outfits is how much traffic you can get to your page. It is not much different with Instagram, also.

Basically, the notion subscribed to on instagram is that for a photo to ascend to greater heights’ the likes it gets in (approximately 20-30 minutes) should be many as possible. Although this is measured relatively to the number of followers a particular user has. So, why should you buy Instagram likes?

Why You Should Buy Instagram Likes

Instagram is estimated to have more than 100 million users; that translates to a lot of potential customers. If a photo is uploaded and it is able to garner the threshold of required likes more people will notice the brand. It all boils down to advertising and brand awareness when a brand has more organic likes on the popular page.

More Likes Are More Sales

A copywriter once said, “Not advertising is like winking to lady in the dark”. How true is that in respect to buying instagram likes? Technically, it is that obvious; the online market is not much different from the offline market. The most any company can gain from social media is advertising, brand awareness et cetera. Look at this way, if you buy advertising in the real world, then there is no harm in buying it in the virtual world.

If a brand can stop winking’ in the dark there is a probability the lovely’ lady would notice them, figuratively speaking. When a certain brand buys instagram likes, it will boost the image of the brand. There is a tendency by most people to get attracted to popular people or things. As they peruse through the popular page they will notice the brand winking’ and the thousands ladies’ followers. This can prove very effective in getting more sales for the brand both in the long term and short term.

Why You Should Buy Instagram Likes for Brand Awareness

As stated earlier, buying Instagram likes helps in brand awareness. A brand can achieve this by interacting with others on instagram. The best option would be to interact with those that are related to that particular brand. For example, a brand that is into hospitality may begin by liking other brands photos in the hospitality industry. Furthermore, commenting positive messages on their photos is also advisable since it helps in knowing each other. There is a likelihood they will follow you back if you follow them.

Gradually, the interaction will cease from being superficial to a more engaging one. This is heightened if there is regular communication; likes, comments and the constant following. The good thing about interaction is the much you can achieve by genuinely appreciating each others effort. Plus it’s cheap and it has a boomerang effect of creating brand awareness. Before you know it a brand is organically popular on the popular page.

The Return on Investment

Return on investment is abbreviated as ROI meaning; what a company uses to understand how much they are getting back from a particular business-oriented strategy. Investments in buying Instagram likes fall under marketing strategies.

Companies spend a lot on marketing their brands so ROI is quite important in that it should be high. Most of the hands on strategies companies employ may require fiscal studies to analyze the progress. This is not the case with buying Instagram likes; the ROI is easily analyzed from the physical likes bought.

Every story has a negative side to it though and here are a few disadvantages of buying Instagram likes. Some overly inspired by the shortcomings of the photo sharing site.

Why Then Should You Buy Instagram Likes?

Before a growing brand gains popularity on social media and on the real world, it takes a lot of effort and aggressive marketing. Social media has provided powerful tools to push any brand to unimaginable heights. The trick is to understand how each social media site works and what is involved.

For instance, Instagram has a popular page that each brand wishes to permanently find a place on. Both upcoming and global brands can benefit by allowing their brands to shine on the page. Buying Instagram likes is a faster way than waiting for a long time establishing relationship on the site. However, it is always good to understand what is involved before buying Instagram likes.

Why Buy Facebook Likes? media is a powerful tool for mass advertising. It is one of the finest ways to keep in touch with friends and relatives as well as to stay up to date with the on-goings around the world. However, what some people do not know is just how many different ways they can use social media. The likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other are amazing not only for entertainment but also for business. It is about time you discovered how you could take your business to greater heights.

Unleash the power of Facebook

Facebook is probably the most reputable social media site. This essentially means that there are many people who may be interested in what you have to offer. With a Facebook account there are just so many things you can do- including advertising. Advertising on your wall or some page on Facebook might just see your brand be shared all over the world. It is a truly an interesting way of letting people know what you have to put up.

When you post something on Facebook, try to make sure that it is accessible through several search engines. This is to signify that when someone searches for content related to your post, the content you have posted on Facebook will be among the top issues. Now this is perhaps the most difficult part.

How it works

When you create a page on Facebook, you should let people know about it. It will however not be enough that people know about it, get them to visit that page. The more traffic you have visiting your page, the more likely it is for it to be found using a search on Google, Bing and the likes.

It is the number of people visiting your website that determines your ranking in the search engine results. Heavy traffic heading to your website means high rankings- you will be at the top of the results. With Facebook, when many people like your page, then that is a plus for you. However, how easy is it to get many Facebook likes?

Pretty easy

Did you know that you could buy Facebook likes? Besides, you also need to know how to buy Instagram followers. As ludicrous as this might sound to some people, it is actually one of the smartest ways to popularize your business’ online presence by improving your ranking on search engines. A page with many likes generally attracts more people to visit the page. Buying Facebook likes is as simple as learning the English alphabet all over again.

Where to buy Facebook likes

There are different places you can purchase the Facebook likes, the internet being the most convenient. All you have to do is identify the best website that sells the Facebook likes and decide which package you want to purchase. You can buy just about any number of Facebook likes. The prices vary depending on the number of likes you want to purchase as well as the duration of time that they are going to be on your page.

One thing worth mentioning is that the likes you purchase are not going to be there forever. After a given period, the company that sold them to you withdraws them. When you buy Facebook likes just know that you will have to keep renewing them for as long as you need them.

5 Secrets To A Successful Twitter Marketing Tactic

The fact the new Twitter app supports native R...In social media marketing, other sites are used to post detailed updates and content about a particular brand. But for small, quick updates which doesn’t require full detail to be presented, a micro-blogging site is used.

Twitter is one of the most popular sites that are used for this purpose, due to the number of users registered on the site. Due to this, without the proper guidance, any business, big or small, who decided to use Twitter as a marketing tool may get overwhelmed in the dust, and may never be found by potential customers.

With that in mind, here are some of the tips to help marketers take advantage of Twitter (as well as any micro-blogging site in general) to generate leads.

Careful selection of who to follow

In the beginning, you may find yourself having the urge to just about follow anyone on Twitter, regardless of their irrelevance to your brand. This is something that should be avoided. From the very beginning, you should always pick and choose which Twitter accounts you should follow for updates. In general, what you follow should be relevant to the brand that you have, so that you’ll receive a stream of relevant updates which are connected to your brand.

Don’t hesitate to block accounts

In terms of followers that you receive, quality is always more important than quantity. Therefore, if you suspect that one of your dozens of followers is a spam account, make it a point to remove and block them. Spam accounts only degrade the quality of your brand account, and may even put off some users into following you when you have a lot of them.

Search for new and more people to follow

Constant updates to your Twitter account isn’t enough. In order for you to find newer and fresh content to add to your pages, you should always take some time to add new people to follow with your account. An effective way to do this and to get relevant results everytime, is to use Twitter’s “Advanced Search” function when looking for new people to follow. Alternatively, you can keep a close watch on some of the Twitter streams of the people who are following you, and research your leads from there.

Retweeting is a must

At times, pride may hold you off into retweeting other posts from some of people on Twitter. This is a big no-no, as some tweets may hold relevant information which can be helpful to people who are following your brand. If you think that a tweet may hold some interest for you and other’s retweet it. It can also help you in building rapport with other, potentially improving your connection. Buy Twitter followers from firms that provide real Twitter followers to maximize your chances of being retweeted.

Learn all about micro-blogging in general

The basics and terms of Twitter may be different from other social media sites, and learning them is very crucial in succeeding to your Twitter marketing strategy. To achieve this, you may consult the Twitter Glossary, but you may have greater learning success if you, once again, observe the Twitter streams of the people that you follow (or are following you) and learn on how they use the site itself.

3 Free Online Tools You Can Use To Investigate Your Competitors

Image representing Alexa as depicted in CrunchBaseAnyone involved in the industry of internet marketing will tell you that the greatest asset you can have at your side is information. Hence, research is the most critical part of success in this industry where the competition is cutthroat. If you knew something that your competitors doesn’t, it would mean that your practices might be more unique than others no matter how slight the alterations are. And if there’s one thing any SEO expert would tell you about online search engines, it’s that uniqueness is one of the major ranking factors they look for.

When it comes to research and acquiring data, investigating what your competitors are doing is a crucial part of improving on what you do. Getting together as much info on how your competitors are placing their websites against the sea of competition places you in the advantage. With that information at hand, you can filter out which ones should be saved and applied to your own marketing effort. Look at this Empower Network reviews to know more about these SEO tactics. On the flip side, you can also take note of their missteps and learn from their mistakes as it affects their ranking so you wouldn’t have to learn it the hard way yourself. To be an effective internet marketer, you’ll want to grab as much data from reliable sources like in these Empower Network reviews.

Below are 3 helpful online tools that you can use to spy on your competitor’s activities. In addition, all these online tools can be used by anyone at no extra cost!

You have no business in internet marketing if you do not know what is all about. If you’re someone involved in internet marketing, for sure you’ve gone back and forth on this website to check your traffic statistics. But did you know that you can also find out how well your competitor’s links are performing.

Alexa could very easily get a report on a competitors audience demographic, which websites are referring to them the most and what keywords are most effective for them. Although, anyone would agree that the data Alexa provides is not 100%, it is nonetheless a nifty free tool so many are relying on.


If you’ve ever heard of ahrefs, well, BacklinkWatch is powered by that. It’s a powerful tool that could tell you valuable data about your competitor’s backlink profile. The only downside is it takes a while before it could generate that report so you’ll need to wait awhile. Using it is simple and straightforward; you just need to copy and paste your competitor’s URL into a box on the website.

You just need to be persistent enough so you can collect enough information from your competitor’s backlinks to see his favorite anchor texts, PageRank, inbound and outbound links.

This free tool could provide you with an even more in-depth look at the keywords your competitors are using. It could tell you the PPC keywords, organic keywords, and its position on listings.

Get Twitter Followers

Twitter is an important tool when one wants to do social networking and business promotion. It is also important in socializing and knowing people not only in areas near you but from across the world. Socializing and business promotion will only work when you have people following you or your see page site business page. The more followers there are, the bigger your business will grow and the better it will perform. To get a large number of followers you might need to do one of the following.

You can use search tools that twitter incorporates to find new people to follow you. The probability is that if you follow people on their pages, then these people will follow you as well. Sending people an email requesting them to follow calls attention to your page and this also works. This will ultimately increase the number of followers you end up having on your twitter page.

Another way to get more followers is by publicly announcing on other sites like Facebook and LinkedIn that you have a Twitter account, and you would like your friends to follow. Updating about your twitter account will capture the attention of your friends ergo you end up having many followers on your page. You can also link up your twitter to your Facebook and other social-networking sites. This informs people of your twitter page, and they will end up being your followers. To have your page followed by many people you can add your twitter account to your e mail signature, and these recipients will end up following your business or personal page.

It also works to blog about your twitter account and how you use twitter. You can teach new people on how to sign up and how to add followers, and these people will also follow you. Blogging reaches a huge number of people using the internet and this greatly helps in making your twitter account popular.

If you have a personal or business website, it is visit wise to add the twitter widget to it. Let people visiting your web page know that you also use twitter and this way you can follow each other.

Twitter has directories where its users can register. Through this you will be able to meet and socialize with twitters from all over the world leading to more people following you.

A very easy way of gaining more followers on your account is to make your twitter page as interesting as possible. Nobody likes boring so customizing your page and making it attractive will definitely pull new followers to you. It is very important that you post material that people want to read about to keep and attract new followers.
As a twitter user you can volunteer to post on your followers’ page and vice versa. This helps when your friends’ followers read your posts, and they end up following you. You ca also request your followers to refer you to their friends. To maintain your large number of followers you need to follow your friends and be active.

4 Strategies to Get More From Your Twitter Advertising

Companies of all shapes and sizes want to enter the world of social media quickly by creating an account on Twitter. The fact that needs to be given due consideration is that not all of them are benefitting from advertising on Twitter and if some brand is benefitting, there is still more to it than can increase the profits from Twitter advertising.

Here are 4 strategies to get more from your Twitter advertising and make the brand a success on Twitter:

1. Adapt your messages to your audience:

Each community develops a lexicon, protocol and unique culture. In order to reach the audience, you have to dive into their world to know all this information and adapt your advertising to them.  Be sure to track this when you buy Twitter followers for your profile.

Identify potential ambassadors of your brand that can help convey your message, research the ones talking about your brand and try to connect directly with them.

2. Optimize campaigns:

Throw your post at the right time and in the right place. Plan your campaign to reach the audience at times when they are connected. Create an editorial calendar for your social campaigns so that it is active throughout the year.

Also, do not forget that the consumers want a reason to stay connected with the brand. The success of the campaign depends not only messages and calendar but also on incentives as discounts, promotions and exclusive content.

3. Keep a track of the conversations about your brand:

Consumers keep talking about companies and products in social media and every mention of your brand is an opportunity to connect with them. Use Google Analytics to learn the tricks that are used to facilitate this search and include keywords and phrases in monitoring. When you see an interesting mention of your brand, dive into the conversation to support, advice or to thank consumers. If you come across a complaint, directly contact the user to resolve. This could possibly move your brand from criticism to support.

4. Follow what the industry talks:

Look beyond your company and products for any general thing that is relevant to your market. Participate in relevant discussions to share your views and experience as a participant but not as a promoter. Enjoy these conversations to listen and learn as if it were a focus group and improve your own products and services.

Companies worldwide use Twitter as a tool to see what is said about their direct competition. Remember that the same goes for you too. Your tweets are public and are visible all over the world so you should be careful about what you say and how.

There is no denying to the fact that human is above all. Making more natural conversations will enable the consumers to see you as a friend and not as a brand only.

Follow the advertising campaigns of some of the brands that you like and analyze what works and what does not. But remember, replicating exactly what they did might not work for you and coming up with something new is always welcome by the subscribers.

These 4 strategies to get more from your Twitter advertising can go a long way in making your advertising campaigna huge success. Following them in letter and spirit can reap huge dividends for your brand.